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Will You Need a COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Shot? Dr. Peramsetty Discusses the Research

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Will you need a COVID-19 vaccine booster shot? Dr. Peramsetty from Crimson Care in Tuscaloosa, AL, discusses what the science says.

With more and more COVID-19 vaccines being rolled out each day, there is the unanswered question of whether or not we will need a COVID-19 vaccine booster shot sometime in the future.

Dr. Peramsetty has been receiving this question from patients in the Tuscaloosa area almost every single day.

To help his patients get a better understanding of vaccine booster shots and what the research currently says about whether or not the COVID-19 vaccine will require one, Dr. P has put together a short guide on the topic.

Keep reading to learn more about the COVID vaccine booster shot and where the research currently stands on the topic, as well as how it will impact the coronavirus variants, such as the Delta variant.

Will you need a COVID-19 vaccine booster shot?

First things first, it is important to know that there is no science or research that guarantees we will need a booster shot for the COVID-19 vaccine. On the flip side, there is no guarantee that says we will not need one either.

While nothing currently says that a booster shot is necessary, more and more emerging research is pointing towards it for optimal protection against SARS-COV-2 in the coming years.

So, what determines whether or not Americans will need a COVID-19 vaccine booster shot? Well, this goes off a couple primary considerations.

Low durability of response.

In other words, if the number of antibodies decreases overtime, a booster shot will likely be required to maintain optimal immunity and protection. At the moment, it is completely normal to see a drop in antibodies in the weeks following a vaccination or infection with the virus.

In fact, in a recent study published in ACS Nano, scientists found that people lost an average of ~90% of the antibodies they developed within 85 days of receiving a second dose of vaccine. A similar drop was seen in those who had been naturally infected with the virus.

However, it’s important to know that scientists still don’t know the level of antibodies needed for adequate protection. As far as we know, 5-10% of the original antibody levels could be sufficient in providing optimal immunity.

Protection from a specific variant.

The vaccines we’re using now offer sufficient protection against the COVID-19 variants presently found around the world, including the Delta variant. However, there might be the case where a specific variant shows up that requires a unique booster to offer protection against it.

At the moment, instead of focusing on creating specific boosters for coronavirus variants, we should be prioritizing vaccinating the population with the vaccines currently available. These vaccines provide excellent protection against the original virus, as well as its variants.

Not to mention, increasing the percentage of our vaccinated population will help prevent variant development, which is important for keeping our communities safe and healthy.

COVID-19 Testing, Antibody Treatment & Vaccine at Crimson Care in Tuscaloosa, AL

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