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Summertime with COVID-19: Tips for Staying Safe During the Warmer Weather

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

family having an outdoor gathering to stay safe by following Dr. Peramsetty's COVID-19 summer safety tips.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 isn’t gone yet. Even though the United States is making strides in rolling out the COVID vaccine to communities around the country, the levels of positive COVID-19 cases are nowhere near as low as many of us doctors and medical professionals hoped.

Even more concerning, many states are relaxing their restrictions, which is driving COVID case numbers up, rather than down. On the brighter side, with temperatures warming up and summer on the horizon, more people are going to be spending time outdoors, which is much safer than indoor gatherings!

Fortunately, there’s a much lower transmission rate of COVID-19 when outdoors, which means you can still see and spend time with your loved ones in a safe and meaningful way.

Not to mention, spending time outdoors benefits your emotional and mental health! Who doesn’t like to breathe in the rejuvenating smell of fresh air?

To help you prepare for a safe summer, Dr. Peramsetty has put together a few of his top tips on how to safely navigate the summer season with COVID-19 still around.

COVID-19 Summer Safety Tips

Get Vaccinated

First things first – if you have the opportunity and ability to get vaccinated, that’s our most important tip on how to stay safe and healthy this summer.

A recent study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention involving Pfizer and Moderna’s mRNA vaccines concluded that fully vaccinated people were 90 percent less likely to become infected with the coronavirus in “real-world conditions” like the workplace.

Not to mention, many scientific bodies have reported that fully vaccinated people can safely gather with other fully vaccinated people inside without masks. This means that once you're vaccinated, you can spend time with your friends and family – who should also be vaccinated – this summer in a safe way!

If you’re ready to schedule your COVID-19 vaccination in Tuscaloosa, get in touch with Dr. Peramsetty and his experienced team at Crimson Care!

Plan for Outdoor Activities

As mentioned above, outdoor activities are best to reduce your risk of both transmitting and acquiring the virus.

At Crimson Care, our staff and families love to go on outdoor walks or hikes; swim in nearby lakes and spend time at the beach; play socially-distanced sports, like soccer, tennis, or baseball; and experience the great outdoors together, while maintaining a safe distance apart.

Additionally, we’ve been getting the question about whether or not it’s safe for kids to go to the local pool for swimming. COVID-19 is transmitted mainly by respiratory droplets, so the ability for it to spread through the water is low.

Furthermore, pools typically have additives and chemicals – like chlorine and bromine – to cut down on the transmission of diseases and viruses like COVID-19. So all in all, it’s likely safe for your kiddos to head to the pool this summer for some fun in the sun (and water)!

Choose Outdoor Dining at Restaurants

While eating indoors at restaurants is not currently recommended by medical professionals, as you can’t wear a mask while eating and drinking, outdoor dining poses a lower risk of transmitting COVID-19. This is why Dr. Peramsetty recommends his patients choose outdoor dining when eating at restaurants or local eateries.

When having a gathering at a private residence, you can absolutely have a socially-distanced barbecue or potluck – just don’t invite the entire neighborhood! And try to remain outside as much as possible.

Keep Wearing Masks and Frequently Washing Your Hands

Proven time and time again, wearing masks and frequently washing your hands prevents the spread of germs, bacteria, and viruses, such as COVID-19.

When in high-risk areas or environments, continue wearing your mask and regularly wash your hands to reduce the transmission of respiratory droplets, which will help protect you and your loved ones.

COVID-19 Testing, Antibody Treatment & Vaccine in Tuscaloosa, AL

Are you in need of COVID-19 testing, antibody treatment, or vaccination? Dr. Peramsetty and his experienced team offer these COVID-19 services and more at Crimson Care in Tuscaloosa!

Use our online scheduling portal to book your appointment today! We’re currently offering the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine to anyone 18 and older at our Crimson Care and First Care clinics.



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