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Primary Care

Primary care physicians focus on the day-to-day health and wellness of patients. When you’ve fallen ill or have sustained a minor injury, it may be time to contact a local primary care clinic like Crimson Care in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. 

What is Primary Care?

Primary care or family medicine is one of the four primary health care services offered at Crimson Care. This practice is broad, with the intent of providing care to a wide array of people. Why is it important? 

Having a primary care physician is extremely important for several reasons. First, proactive primary care increases the odds that physicians will catch an illness in its early stages. Most physicians require an annual examination and tests, during which they may uncover medical conditions. Second, it allows the doctor to become familiar with you and your medical history. Lastly, it allows YOU to establish a relationship with your doctor. Individuals who are comfortable with and trust their physicians tend to disclose more health information. Open communication between you and your primary care physician may lead to better and quicker diagnoses. 

Crimson Care pysician providing family medical care in Tuscaloosa, AL

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Primary Care Physician in Tuscaloosa, AL

At Crimson Care, we have an experienced and certified team of primary care physicians lead by Dr. Ramesh Peramsetty. Our family physicians can diagnose and treat a full spectrum of common medical ailments. We provide comprehensive care for individuals of every age and sex. 


To learn more about us or schedule an appointment at our primary care clinic in Tuscaloosa, contact Crimson Care today! We have three local clinics where you can receive top-notch care. 

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