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About the Crimson Care Network

Crimson Care, First Care, Allegra Family Clinic, Alabama Family Medical Center, FirstKids, FirstPT Physcial Therapy, Tuscaloosa Weight Loss Center, Tuscaloosa Men's Clinic, Tuscaloosa MedSpa, Crimson Village Senior Living and The Legacy Assisted Living

When Time is Precious, We've Got You Covered.

Our patients are our priority. We provide excellent medical care seven days a week with a total visit averaging less than one hour. In addition to our convenient location on Veterans Memorial Parkway we also have an urgent + primary location on Skyland Blvd as well as First Care on McFarland Blvd. The Crimson Care Network also includes Alabama Family Medical Center, Allegra Family Clinic, FirstPT Physical Therapy, Tuscaloosa Men's Clinic, Tuscaloosa MedSpa and Tuscaloosa Weight Loss Center. We offer all the services you are likely to need in the event of an illness or on-the-job injury including medical care, x-rays, lab work, and prescription dispensing.

Providing You With The Best Doctors For The Best Care


CEO & Medical Director

Primary + Urgent Care


Sean Morris, NP

Primary + Urgent Care


Kristin Landham, PA

Primary + Urgent Care


Dr. Sasank Peramsetty, MD

Primary Care

Jonathan Gallinger, PA, Primary and Urgent Care

Jonathan Gallinger, PA

Primary + Urgent Care

Caitlyn Barton, NP.png

Caitlyn Barton, NP

Primary + Urgent Care


Dr. Srilata Anne, MD

Child + Adolescent Psychiatry 
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