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Vaccinating Children, Low Vaccination Rates in Alabama, and the Importance of Immunization

As Dr. Peramsetty has said in previous blog posts and in his interviews on 95.3 The Bear radio show, COVID-19 is not something to be taken lightly. In fact, due to the low vaccination rate throughout Alabama and the Delta variant sweeping the nation, new positive COVID-19 cases are on the rise in this southern state.

Fortunately, the scientific data still shows that vaccinations work in not only preventing death, but also severe symptoms and hospitalizations.

And while it's encouraging that vaccinations not only work, but are actually on the rise in Alabama due to the increase in COVID-19 cases, the state is nowhere near Dr. Peramsetty’s ideal vaccination rates.

On the same note, there’s one age group that scientists and doctors alike are pushing to get vaccinated to help stop the spread and reduce transmission rates: children. But what does the data say about this age group getting vaccinated? Let’s take a closer look.

Vaccinating Children with Moderna

At the moment, the data regarding vaccinating young children is very limited. This is why a new study of COVID-19 vaccines for children started the first week of August in Colorado, providing an opportunity for families to vaccinate their children and to gather essential information on how the current vaccines affect these younger age groups.

The study will begin by vaccinating children aged 6 to 11 with the Moderna vaccine, and then testing the vaccine on ages 2 to 6. Once those age groups have been closely monitored and studied by expert researchers, they will then vaccinate toddlers and babies, ages 6-months to 2 years.

Currently, the Moderna vaccine, as well as the Pfizer vaccine, is approved for adults and children and teens ages 12 to 17. If you’re hesitant about getting your child vaccinated, we recommend reaching out to an experienced doctor who can advise you on what is best for your family.

Why is it Important to Get Vaccinated?

Whether it’s vaccinating adults, teenagers, or young children, increasing vaccination rates throughout Alabama is important for protecting our communities and people, as well as for returning back to some semblance of normalcy.

This is especially true among younger generations, as making COVID-19 vaccines for children widely available – once they are proven safe and effective – will make it much easier for kids to return to school and daycare as soon as possible.

Furthermore, with new variants sweeping the nation, getting vaccinated not only protects you from getting severely sick, it also reduces the chances of spreading the virus to at-risk individuals, such as young children or immunocompromised people who don’t have the ability to get vaccinated.

Whether we’re talking about the Delta variant, UK Alpha variant, or South Africa Beta variant, the scientific data regarding vaccine effectiveness has shown time and time again that they adequately protect individuals against the more deadly and contagious variants.

Additionally, increasing vaccination rates throughout Alabama, as well as the entire nation, means we are one step closer to herd immunity.

Crimson Care’s Mission to Increase Vaccination Rates in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

At Crimson Care in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Dr. Peramsetty and his team’s mission is to increase vaccination rates throughout our community and in the southern Alabama region.

In our professional opinions, the only way to stop the spread of the deadly coronavirus, reduce hospitalizations, put an end to unnecessary deaths, and alleviate the pressure on medical facilities who don’t have enough space to handle another outbreak is to vaccinate our communities.

All throughout Alabama, vaccines are free and widely available. And at Crimson Care, as well as our First Care clinic, we’re offering the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine to anyone 18 and older. If you’re ready to help protect your friends, family, and community, schedule an appointment with us today to receive your COVID-19 vaccine.

Additionally, at our top-of-the-line clinics in Alabama, we offer drive-up testing, rapid testing, and professional help for treating COVID-19 symptoms. However, we are open to all your medical issues in Tuscaloosa, not just COVID-19! If you need medical help treating an illness, accident, or another problem, don’t hesitate to contact our team today.



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