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Crimson Care, Your First and Only Mental Health Urgent Care Provider in West Alabama

We’re thrilled to announce that Crimson Care Skyland is Tuscaloosa’s first Urgent Mental Health Center.

In January, we saw the introduction of our third facility, Crimson Care Skyland, located in the former building of Emergi-Care Family Medical Clinic. Our Skyland clinic houses our Urgent Mental Health Center and operates under the guidance of Crimson Care Network CEO and Medical Provider Dr. Ramesh Peramsetty.

Our Crimson Care Network Chief Operating Officer, Sam Whitmer, believes this opening to be a great opportunity for our patients. “This is the first venture in [mental health urgent care]. We believe [the clinic] is the first in the state; one of the few in the country, and we’re trying to map out a plan to take care of the needs of the community but mostly the needs of the mental health patient.”

We opened our mental health service division with the goal of providing comprehensive, on-the-spot help for our mental health patients. Tuscaloosa city leaders have long discussed the need for mental health resources. "There's always have been a growing concern towards mental health in the state of Alabama and mental health in the city of Tuscaloosa and how to best serve our community and the individuals that live here when it comes to their mental health,” said Tuscaloosa city councilor Raevan Howard.

All too often, mental health facilities fill up and can’t provide emergency services. Our Urgent Mental Health Center aims to bridge that gap and provide immediate mental health assistance.

In a Facebook post, Tuscaloosa councilor Sonya McKinstry said, “For the first time, my dear friend Dr. Ramesh Peramsetty has taken a stand to help. I am not only proud that this medical facility is in my district but for his passion to give treatment when others turn away. Not only can you seek regular emergency attention, but you can see someone for emergency mental issues now as well.”

In addition to our mental health services, Crimson Care Skyland provides primary care and occupational health assistance. Our Skyland Boulevard medical practitioners are trained to provide you assistance when you need it, open Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 7:00 pm.


Dr. Ramesh Peramsetty -- along with his entire Crimson Care team -- is committed to making medical services convenient and accessible. Crimson Care Veterans is available seven days a week, with wait times of less than one hour. The clinic offers two Tuscaloosa locations: one on Veterans Memorial Parkway and the other on Skyland Boulevard. Both locations offer extended weekday hours and one-stop treatment services including medical care, x-rays, lab work, and prescription dispensing. In addition to physical convenience, Crimson Care also offers digital access through its online patient portal. With your own login credentials and a laptop, you can request prescription refills, complete any necessary patient forms online, review your medical records at any time, and even pay your bill. Check us out today on our website, or give us a call at Crimson Care Veterans: (205) 507-1100 Crimson Care Skyland: 205-507-1119.



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