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It cost companies more than $200 billion annually in the United States when your employees aren’t present. Let’s give them the best care….Crimson Care.

The Crimson Care team can help with: 

  • Counseling

  • Marital/Relational

  • Parent/Child

  • Emotional Distress

  • Major Life Events

  • Health Care Concerns

  • Stress

  • Anger Management

  • Substance Abuse

  • Job Related Issues

  • Aging Parent Issues

  • Medical Treatment if necessary

Why Crimson Care?

Crimson Care is Here For You

  • We are local and in person

  • On-site workplace trauma support 

  • On-site management training, education and consultation services and support

  • Referral directly to our mental health and clinical team; Psychiatry, Therapy, Medical

  • 24/7 Crisis Support Services

  • Tele-counseling available

What Your Employees Need From Crimson Care

  • Care in settling into a new town

  • Care in recovery from identity theft

  • Care in learning how to create a budget

  • Care in finding support in parenting and caregiving

  • Care in coping with a sudden loss

  • Care in crossing items off the to-do list

  • Care in making a smooth transition into retirement

Here is How Crimson Care Can Partner With You To Help Your Workforce

Promote and educate: Make sure employees know your company offers an EAP, how to access it, and when help is available (many operate 24/7, year-round). Include information about the EAP in their benefits package, and send out reminders throughout the year, including the EAP’s website address. Many EAPs have an extensive library of articles about employee work-life balance on their websites.

Stress privacy: Communicate that using an EAP is always confidential and that their personal information won’t be shared.

Emphasize free services: Let employees know that the cost of most EAP services is covered by the company and available at no cost to them. Or, if an employee needs additional services or assistance beyond what’s offered to them for free (e.g., ongoing counseling sessions or legal advice), inform them of any discounts they may receive.

Make it personal: Personally tell struggling employees about your EAP’s services when necessary. If an employee is going through a divorce and tells you she can’t focus on her work, give her the contact information for the EAP. Many EAPs offer referrals for attorneys and mediators, as well as counselors for help dealing with the emotional issues surrounding divorce. Be sure to have this discussion in private, though, and not in front of her team.

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